Tunnels T06 Armageddon PDF

Tunnels T06 Armageddon PDF 2010, during a party at the US embassy in Berlin, Germany, scientist Gregor Starndorf is told that the comet he discovered, designated Bay-Leder 7, is headed towards Earth. It is large enough to cause an extinction level event and is only days away.

Les Styx, accompagnés de leur terrible progéniture, les Armagi, parcourent l’Angleterre, semant mort et destruction dans leur sillage. Rien ne semble pouvoir arrêter ces guerriers invincibles et seul un miracle pourrait dorénavant sauver le monde. Or, très loin dans les profondeurs, alors qu’ils errent dans la jungle oppressante de la Nouvelle Germanie, Will et Elliott découvrent d’antiques secrets qui sont peut-être à la source de toute vie, qu’elle soit humaine ou styx. Et s’ils avaient enfin trouvé la clé pour empêcher la destruction massive de la race humaine ? Mais le temps presse… réussiront-ils à remonter du centre de la Terre avant qu’il ne soit trop tard ?

Three years later, the situation has not improved. Oil prices also skyrocketed, enabling the Middle East to establish a firm grip on the world economy. During the trip, they must cross through Cologne and use the Cologne Cathedral as a guide there. Shortly afterwards, they come under attack from survivors. There are about 600 people hiding in the subway tunnels and supplied by the « Distributors ».

They find out a blind man called « the doctor » is hiding below the Reichtag and supplies the people with food. The doctor’s quarters are actually a verdant greenhouse and he is Gregor Starndorf. Enraged, the four confront Hintze, who is powering up the satellite to destroy Tangier, the NUNS’ headquarter city, as a revenge for having been left behind. Waters apologizes to Parker for his earlier actions and allows him to leave and find his family. Parker and Anna continue the search for his family and find his home. Inside he discovers his wife’s final message to him beside their frozen bodies.